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    The 21FREE Collection and Allergies

    We regularly receive questions regarding our 21FREE product line from The Gel Collection, in relation to whether they are "allergenic" and whether their use is "risk-free". These questions are absolutely essential and deserve an in-depth explanation to provide a detailed and nuanced answer.

    Are the 21FREE products "allergy-friendly"?
    At present, there are no UV-curing nail products on the market that are free from the risk of allergies. This is because the main ingredient in any UV curing nail product is acrylates - an ingredient that can trigger allergic reactions in some people. However, it is important to remember that not all nail products are created equal. The risk of allergy can vary greatly depending on the type of acrylate, how high the concentration of the acrylate is and how the product is used. This means that there is a difference in which brand you choose.

    Our efforts to ensure a strong focus on security include:

    • Selection of acrylates:
      We carefully select acrylates with the least risk of allergy, prioritizing large molecules that are less likely to penetrate the skin.

    • Lowest possible acrylate concentration:
      We strive for the lowest possible acrylate concentration to minimize exposure and thus the risk of allergies.

    • Effective curing process:
      We ensure that our products and UV lamps are carefully matched to guarantee complete curing, which is essential to reduce allergy risk.

    • Customer education:
      A central part of our safety efforts is to educate our customers in the correct use of the products through comprehensive theory books, video guides, and direct support.

    • Transparent communication:
      We are committed to providing information about ingredient content and potential risks, supported by labeling and in-depth educational materials.

    However, this should not be confused with the products being "allergenic". When you choose to use UV-curing nail products, you also accept a certain risk that an allergic reaction may occur. The same applies when you choose to use completely normal consumer products such as perfumes, cleaning agents and cosmetics in general. Most people are in daily contact with many products that contain allergens.

    To give a deeper understanding of our dedication to product safety, here you can read more about the scientific principles that underlie the development of our products. It is essential to understand how we proactively address potential allergy risks through our product design and customer education. You can read more about the scientific principles, the risk of getting allergies and how you can avoid allergies yourself here .

    About the 21FREE concept and allergies
    Our '21-free' concept is not only designed to address and exclude allergens. It includes a collection of ingredients that we actively avoid because they can have a negative impact on both the body and the environment. It includes, in addition to allergens, also endocrine-disrupting substances, cancer-causing substances, reproductive-inhibiting substances, environmentally harmful substances, etc. The '21-free' concept is therefore not only about allergies, but is more an expression of our desire to be responsible in our approach to product development in general. You can read more about the 21 ingredients that we deliberately avoid right here .

    In summary, there are no UV curing nail products on the market that can be described as "allergenic". Using these products carries some risk of allergic reactions, although the risk is very low. It is therefore important to use the products in accordance with the instructions to further minimize this risk. Remember the advice mentioned in our blog post on allergies here , for how you can reduce the risk of allergies and always follow the recommended instructions for use carefully.


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