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    Everything about UV/LED lamps
    A UV/LED lamp is not just a lamp. There is a lot of science and chemistry behind the simple facade. The lamps come in different shapes and types. Some lamps can do something specific and it is not always possible to find out. That's why we made this guide for you!

    General about lamps
    Basically, all types of gel product must be in contact with UV/LED light in order to cure. The UV/LED light causes the chemical particles in the products to change from liquid to solid form.

    The lamp strength is indicated by Watts. At Neglefeber, our large lamp has a power of 48 watts.

    To be even more nerdy:
    The lamp emits a mixture of light in different wavelengths, from 200nm (nanometer) and up to 500nm. The particles in gel products only react chemically when they are exposed to the right wavelength. At Neglefeber, our products harden at 365nm and 405nm.

    Nail fever lamps
    At Nail Fever we have created the best lamps on the market, they have been tested and are fully competent with our products.

    With us, we have two different lamps; our UV/LED Flash HOME and our mini lamp.

    The Dual LED Flash™ HOME

    The Dual LED Flash™ HOME is a UV/LED lamp of the highest quality. It has been developed especially for the home user, which makes it the best lamp on the market when you need to do your own nails at home.

    HOME is small in size, has an open design and has added a digital timer on top. In addition, the buttons are positioned in such a way that home users can easily choose the right light setting. The inside is produced from fully reflective interior, which reflects the UV light effectively inside the light chamber. This, in combination with dual wavelength technology (365-405nm), ensures efficient and even curing every time.
    • Digital timer on top that indicates the time setting on the lamp.
    • Small and light design , which makes it both easy to use and store.
    • Buttons on the top of the lamp, so it is easy for the home user to see and choose the right light program.
    • Fully reflective inside , which reflects the UV rays effectively inside the light chamber.
    • Dual wavelength of 365 & 405 nm, using the latest UV technology. This ensures even and effective curing every time.
    • Extra long cord , so it is easy to get power in the right place.
    • Automatic hand sensor and 3 different light programs.

    Light programs

    • Automatic hand sensor: When the infrared hand sensor detects a hand placed in the lamp, a light program is triggered in 60 seconds with full light effect.
    • 10sec Flash Cure: The Flash Cure mode delivers 5 flashes of light in 10 seconds. This can be used both for surface hardening so that the products do not run, or to reduce the exothermic reaction (burning sensation) of jellies.
    • 60sec timer: 60 seconds of full brightness.
    • 90sec Low Heat mode: Low Heat mode slowly increases the UV power from 35% to 55% to 75% and then 100% during curing. The purpose is to reduce the exothermic reaction (burning sensation) of jellies - at the same time as ensuring full curing. Curing efficiency is the same as a 60 second full brightness light program.

    The open design of HOME requires you to be precise in relation to the placement of your hand in the light chamber. However, a simple hand placement guide is included, so it's easy to follow the instructions.

    Low heat
    Some may experience a burning pain when the product comes into contact with the light from the UV lamp. This is due to the chemical reaction when the product changes from liquid to solid form. During this chemical process, heat is generated. With a thick layer of product, the heat has more difficulty getting away. Therefore, the heat can move inwards, through the nail and be felt as a very burning - and for some, a painful sensation.
    Fortunately, there is a solution to the heat problem; slower curing /low heat. It is a special function where the lamp gradually increases the strength of the lamp.

    The connection between the lamp and products
    The lamp you use and the products must always come from the same brand. The lamps have been developed to be able to harden the chemistry in the specific products

    The nail products are chemistry. The chemistry consists of small particles/molecules which, when exposed to the right light, with the right wavelength, join together in a new chemical formula, which causes the product to change from liquid to solid form. It is during this process that you can experience the product burning.

    The nail products do not only harden when exposed to UV light. It requires the right wavelength in the lamp to be able to change the chemistry in the nail products. If your lamp does not have the right wavelength, your nail product will still harden, but the tiny particles in the underlying product will not be fully cured. This means that you have uncured product on the nails, and that with subsequent filing there is a risk of uncured chemistry in the file dust and in the air. This gives a huge risk of allergies.

    The mini lamp

    The new Mini Dual LED Flash™ is a mini UV/LED lamp of the highest quality. It has been developed specifically for the Soft Gel Press On Tip system from The Gel Collection™ and ensures a surface hardening of the Gel Glue glue so that the tip sticks to the natural nail.

    The Mini Dual LED Flash lamp offers double wavelength (365nm + 405nm) and thus ensures efficient and fast curing, which facilitates work with Press On tippers.

    The shape of the lamp has been developed so that you can easily place your finger under the UV light, while the other hand holds the press on tip in place. This avoids bad clamps and tips that slide crookedly.

    The lamp is extremely suitable for both the home salon and for professional use.

    ATTENTION This lamp can only be used to make a capsule curing of press on tippers.


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