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    Practice hand / Training hand • The Gel Collection

    THE PRODUCT IS 2ND SORT. This product has been greatly reduced in price, as it either has minimal errors in the label, will be removed from the range or due to too much stock of Read more

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    THE PRODUCT IS 2ND SORT. This product has been greatly reduced in price, as it either has minimal errors in the label, will be removed from the range or due to too much stock of the product. There is nothing wrong with the product.

    The nine practice hands / training hands are a must-have for both beginners and those who want to improve and maintain their nail skills. The important and special thing about this practice hand is that the tips slide completely firmly on the fingers, which means that they are so firmly in place that you can both cut and file in the tip without it moving. It is thus easy and convenient to practice everything from build-up, filing to removal and nail art.

    All the fingers on the practice hand have a core of flexible steel wire, which means that you can model the fingers exactly as you want. In addition, it can be easily and securely locked onto virtually all types of tables and surfaces.

    A box of 50 clear practice tips is included, which fits the practice hand perfectly. More practice tips can be purchased as needed.

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      At Neglefeber, we are very keen that you have a good experience with your nail products. That's why we have a huge learning universe that can contribute to making you competent to do your own nails at home.

      Go to the learning universe here .

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Christina Frandsen
      Har gjort hele øve-delen nemmere

      Denne øvehånd er i virkelig lækker kvalitet og justerbar så man kan sidde og øve sig ligesom hvis det var med en rigtig kunde.
      Så man kan både øve sig, i selve det med at "lave" negle men man kan også øve sig i hvordan man skal støtte og håndtere kundens hånd og fingre.

      Jannie Kruuse
      Rigtig god, men

      ville ønske selve hånden kunne tages af pinden, så den er nemmere at få ind i lampen

      God til øvelse

      Min datter fik denne i fødselsdagsgave og har brug den meget til at øve sig på. Den fungerer godt og er nem at indstille og styre.

      Christoffer Hartung Roslyng
      God gave til kæresten

      God kvalitet, hun blev rigtig glad

      Rigtig god kvalitet

      Denne øvehånd er er musthave, den er super lækker i kvalitet, fingerne bøjes og drejes så det er næsten ligesom at sidde med kunde. Og et ekstra plus er at neglene glides i, så de ikke ryger af eller rykker sig, når man filer eller laver forlængelser.


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      Nominated for the Danish Beauty Award 2023 & 2024

      Costume Beauty Favorites 2023

      60,000+ happy customers with beautiful nails

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      See our Learning Universe

      Check out our video guides if you need help using our products. It's super easy, and you can do your nails while you watch.

      Our Gel Polish is super easy to apply


      Prepare your nail


      Apply the product and cure in the UV lamp


      Finish with nail oil

      Products developed for easy and gentle removal

      Free of 21 types of harmful chemistry

      Retains color and shine for up to 6 weeks

      Can be removed quickly and gently


      How do I get started quickly and easily?

      Here is a simple overview to easily get started with doing nails at home:

      1. Buy a starter pack
      If you are in any doubt as to which starter pack is the best, you can buy our Gel Polish Starter Pack. Afterwards, you can buy an add-on package to be able to extend your nails, which suits you best.

      2. See our learning universe
      You can advantageously watch the videos that are necessary to review in relation to the products or the starter package that you have purchased.
      Our learning universe is simply structured so that you can get started easily and in the best possible way.

      3. BONUS - Become part of our community
      It is not a necessity to become part of our community, but it is both fun and can help you seek inspiration or answers to questions. Do you have e.g. a question outside of our opening hours, ask your question here. There are a lot of new but also experienced nail enthusiasts in there.

      You can become a member here.

      Which starter package should I choose?

      Gel Polish starter pack:

      Gel Polish gives a beautiful color and shine to the nails and lasts for up to three weeks. It can best be described as a hybrid between a classic nail polish and a gel, which, unlike classic nail polish, must harden under UV light to dry. When applying Gel Polish, your nail gets a little extra strength from our special Hard Base Coat.

      Gel Polish is therefore for you who do not want a reinforcement, but simply to get a nice and durable color on the nails. We do not recommend that you top up the Gel Polish, but that you take off every 3 weeks when you need renewal. If you want to be able to make a top-up, we recommend that you use a Rubber Base underneath your Gel Polish. You can see how to use Gel Polish here .

      Rubber Base starter pack:

      Rubber Base gives reinforcement to the natural nails. It can be used as a reinforcing base under Gel Polish color or used alone as a beautiful natural reinforcement. The consistency is relatively liquid and must be "slid" onto the nail at a fast pace. Rubber Base is particularly suitable for flaking, brittle, thin or split nails. In addition, the Rubber Base is designed to provide extra strength, which makes it good for providing a light reinforcement.

      Rubber Base comes in a bottle and can be applied in the same way as the classic base coat, or build up the nail with a small apex for more strength. The advantage of this product is that it can be removed with Fast Acetone Remover & Soak Off Wraps (You can see how here ) if full removal is desired. Remember that you don't need to remove the Rubber Base every time, but you can simply fill it up when you need to. You can see on the link here how to make a correct filling

      Polygel starter pack:

      Polygel is perfect for both lengthening and strengthening your own nails, where the nail is built up from the ground up. Polygel is quite thick in consistency and must be modulated on the nail - a bit like modeling wax. It is good for beginners, as it is not liquid and therefore does not slide into e.g. cuticles. Polygel comes in a tube and is applied with a separate brush and Cleaner+. By using Polygel, you can easily make a top-up when you need to. You therefore do not need to remove the product every time you think your nails need renewal. You can see how to use Polygel correctly here .

      Liquid Builder starter kit:

      Liquid Builder is a Gel in a bottle, perfect for both short extensions up to 0.5 cm. It comes in a bottle with a brush for easy application. While specific instructions for Liquid Builder Gel are not yet
      available, the Rubber Base and Builder Gel instructions can be used as a reference. Liquid Builder Gel offers a choice of colors and can be used alone or as a strengthening layer under Gel Polish. Refilling is recommended every three weeks for maintenance, you can see here how to fulfill

      Builder Gel starter pack:

      Builder Gel is ideal for strengthening and extending natural nails, usable with templates or tips. It serves both as a reinforcement under Gel Polish or as an independent strengthening treatment. With its thick consistency, it is best applied with an Oval Brush to create the correct nail shape. Filling is possible without full removal, which makes maintenance easier. See instructions for use and refilling here .

      Soft Gel Press On starter pack:

      Soft Gel Press On Tipper provides a fast and durable nail extension without the need for advanced techniques. These tips are made from pre-cured gel so they already have the ideal shape and length for easy use, especially for beginners. When using Press On Tipper, full removal is recommended when renewing, but they can also be applied with Polygel for the possibility of filling. You can see how to put them on here .

      What does 21FREE mean?

      All products from The Gel Collection are based on our 21free concept, which excludes 21 types of potentially harmful ingredients . Despite the fact that the ingredients are still legal, they can have an inappropriate effect on the human body and the environment, which is why it is important for us to avoid them in our products anyway.

      You can read more about our 21FREE concept here .

      How long do the products last?

      Although we have removed many chemicals in our products, we have not compromised on quality and durability.

      If you use a Gel Polish, it will last for approx. 3 weeks. Do you use a product for extension, e.g. Press On Tipper, they will last up to 6 weeks.

      Here are the short facts about our Gel Polish:

      • Developed without the use of 21 types of harmful and unwanted chemistry
      • Added minerals for increased durability and strength
      • Easily soluble form that ensures gentle removal
      • Vegan and free of palm oil
      • Developed and produced in Europe
      • Durability of up to 3 weeks for our Gel Polish

      How do I purchase my products?

      All products from The Gel Collection can be easily removed by dissolving with our Fast Acetone Remover . We have developed an easily soluble formula to ensure a gentle removal method, regardless of which product you use.

      When it comes to Gel Polish, it is often necessary to remove the product every 2-3 times. week, especially if you want to change color or experience lifting in the product. If you use a reinforcement product such as Rubber Base, Polygel, Liquid Builder or Builder Gel, it is not actually necessary to remove it. Nails are made up of dead skin cells and do not need oxygen, so it is always recommended to do top-ups on strengthening products rather than removing them completely.

      If you still want to remove all the product, as mentioned, this can be dissolved in Fast Acetone Remover , where it requires that you have filed off 80-90% of the product before the soak-off process begins.

      To learn more about how to take off correctly, you can consult our step-by-step guide in the theory book or watch our video guides in the learning universe here .

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