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    Everything About the Manual Nail File

    Everything you need to know about the manual nail file
    The manual nail file is one of the most important tools for creating a durable and beautiful nail. In this blog post, we will describe the functions of the different functions and types of file.


    The word grit indicates coarseness and describes how many grains of sand and the size of the grains of sand are present on the file. Grit goes from fine to coarse, and is indicated by numbers. The lower the number, the coarser the file.


    Buffer, like the standard files, has different grit, but they are numbered slightly differently. The coarseness is in no way the same as with the standard files, although the number is the same. Because the buffer is made of a softer and more flexible material, they are gentler, despite the high grit.

    The buffer is used to minimize the scratches/pits in the applied product, be it Builder Gel or Polygel, and polish the nail to a smooth surface.

    The buffer can also be used to prep the natural nail.

    Our nail files:

    At Neglefeber, we have developed our own nail files, made of the best materials, to ensure a long shelf life and good file quality. It is comfortable to hold, has optimal flexibility and files with high precision.

    All our files are of course washable and withstand all forms of disinfection - even under running water it neither loses the grain nor begins to wrinkle.


    There are different types of nail files. As such, the shape of the nail file is not important for use, it is mostly about what you like to work with. However, there are some forms that have an advantage.
    We have created different files and you can find them here .

    Our nail files are available in grit; 100/180 , 220/240 and 320/320

    Grit 100 (coarse) has several different functions. It is good for shaping and filing hard products such as Builder Gel and Polygel, as well as removing product.

    Grit 180 (medium/fine) is ideal for gentle removal of gel polish, light filing of the nail. This grit can also be used with the utmost caution to make a more thorough prep of the natural nail if you experience problems with product lifting. In addition, it is good for fine-tuning the shape of hard products such as Builder Gel and AcrylicGel or remove soft products such as Gel Polish.

    Grit 220 (fine) is good for creating what is called a "surface grid" in the natural nail before applying product to optimize durability.

    Grit 240 (fine) is good for filing the last details of the shape of hard products such as Builder Gel and AcrylicGel. Both 220 and 240 are particularly ideal for beautiful prep of the natural nail and polishing of the molded nail.

    Grit 320 (extra fine) is good for perfectly fine and precise file work. This can e.g. be polishing the nail or filing details on the natural nail before Gel Polish.

    Our buffer is available in grit: 100/180 and 220/280

    Grit 100 is good for buffing the surface of hard products such as Builder Gel and AcrylicGel.

    Grit 180 is good for the same, but can also be used to buff the surface of slightly softer products such as Rubber Base.

    Grit 220 and 280 are both good for smoothing the surface of either the natural nail or a product, if you can see that there are small irregularities. Eg. is really good at smoothing out any small fibers sticking up from the Fiber Base.

    Our wooden file is a bit special, its wooden core ensures an extremely thin thickness (2mm), which makes filing the lower arch (the outside of the nail) significantly easier.

    To give you flexibility in your file work, the file offers two different roughnesses; namely grit 180 (medium) and grit 220 (fine). Grit 180 is good for e.g. to file the lower arch after applying hard products such as Builder Gel or AcrylicGel. Grit 220 is good for filing the lower arch on the natural nail.

    In addition, we have received our mini nail file. Its small size makes it perfect to take with you on the go - whether it's at the office, on a trip or something else entirely. There are two models here: 100/180 and 180/220 . Above is an explanation of what the different grits are good for, this also applies to our mini file.


    New nail files have sharp edges and sides. This can cut the skin. Therefore, it is important to always remove the sharp edges. This is done by running an old used nail file across the sharp edges.


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